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Chris Cawte "Country Boy 1"
Genres: Country, Rock, Upbeat
Mood: Fast
Instrumental: Yes
Daryl Pruess "Blind Alley"
Genres: Pop, Rock
Moods: Backing Track, Minor, Uptempo
Instrumental: Yes
Dom Beken "Bystanders and Fighters"
Genres: DubStep, Score
Instrumental: Yes
Geoffrey Alexander "Mysterious Journey"
Genres: Mystery, Score
Moods: Adventure, Dark
Mike Moran "Celtic Warning"
Genres: Folk, Orchestral
Moods: Mellow, Relaxed
Mike Moran "Abduction"
Genre: Modern Drama
Moods: Action, Disturbing, Tension
Instrumental: Yes
Richard Vanryne "Back in the Game"
Genres: Contemporary, Dance, DubStep, Electro House, Electronic
Moods: Electric, Exciting, Fun, Futuristic, Game
Instrumental: Yes
Sam Gale "Bach's Evolution"
Genres: Advertising, Pop
Moods: Cheerful, Energetic, Upbeat
Instrumental: Yes
Sam Gale "Mad Man's Dreams 1"
Genre: Advertising
Mood: Upbeat
Instrumental: Yes
Tim Atack "Much a Piano"
Genres: Contemporary, Modern Classical
Mood: Gentle
Instrumental: Yes
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