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Qdubs has been created by two musicians with a combined history of composing, arranging, producing and performing music of the highest calibre, over many years. Full biographies of Mike Moran and Graham Walker can be found on the artists’ page of this site.

Their musical standards are reflected in the music featured here and in the list of A list composers who have made available to Qdubs the fruits of their talent.

The rest of the Qdubs team also have music embedded in their lives.

Chris Smith and his family have been printing music for three generations for all of the major classical publishers, as well as producing a huge selection of work in the contemporary field. He even has two Steinway Grands in the boardroom!

Darran Massey, who has created the Qdubs website, was a professional singer, appearing on the West End stage before moving into design and marketing.

Bill Tansley was a junior exhibitioner at The Royal Academy before being lured by the charms of smoky pubs and folk clubs, and ending up as a successful music publishing executive, artist manager and creative marketer.

Liz Schrek has been placing music into commercials, documentaries, TV and films - and just about anything visual that was enhanced by great music since she was in her teens.  Well, the films did come later. (geddit?)

Adam Vanryne trained as a classical musician, studied Electronics Engineering and united both skills as a Recording Engineer and Music Producer. With over 25 years’ experience he’s dedicated to deliver the highest quality material across all musical genres. He’s also renowned for making a wicked cuppa tea.

So there you have it. Qdubs has great music at its core.

When does library music NOT sound like library music?

When it is quintessentially Qdubs!

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