Welcome to the Qdubs Licensing page!

For those of you who have licensed music from other libraries in the past we’ll keep it simple! Qdubs is an MCPS member so just click on this link…and proceed as usual!

For any first timers out there – here are the rules!

In order to use our music you need to pay for a license. If you don’t have a license and use our music, that is called STEALING which is a jolly bad thing and we don’t want to have to send the boys round to visit now do we??? This is covered by the MCPS code of conduct and to sign up to it just click here

Our colleagues at the MCPS who can be found by clicking the link ….here will be delighted to issue your license as long as your production is either produced or co-produced by a UK company.

Fill in the MCPS application which tells us all about what, where when and how you intend to use our music – pay the appropriate fee as set out in the MCPS rate card (view it here) and off we jolly well go!

If you have a problem with this process you can contact the MCPS directly here

Overseas licenses.

We are currently building a network of international partnerships with people who share our values and ambitions and their contact details will be added to the website when we are happy that we have found the right ones!

As with everything else at Qdubs we want to make your experience as straightforward as possible so feel free to drop us an email if you spot something we can do to improve it.

We don’t just listen to music – we listen to our clients. Quintessential innit!

MCPS Licensing Services Department
Copyright House,
29-33, Berners Street,
London. W1T 3AB
Tel: 020 7306 4500
Fax: 020 7306 4380

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